26 January 2022 (Republic Day) Wishes, SMS, Quotes Greetings

26 January 2022: Purna Swaraj, or “complete freedom from British rule,” was declared by the Indian National Congress on 26 January 1930, announcing India’s transformation into a republic.

To mark the day India became a republic, it celebrates Republic Day every 26 January. It will be India’s 73th Republic Day this year. The Indian Constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950, despite India’s independence from Britain in 1947. Rajpath in India’s capital is filled with parades, tableaus, and displays by the armed forces on this day, which is observed with great pomp and fervor throughout the nation. There are also colorful flags flying throughout the country on this day.

The Indian Constitution was drafted by Dr BR Ambedkar, also known as the Architect of the Indian Constitution. Purna Swaraj, sometimes translated as “total freedom from British rule,” was declared by the Indian National Congress on 26 January, the same day it decried British colonialism. A democratic constitution, ratified by the Constituent Assembly in 1949, came into force in 1950. India took on the status of a sovereign republic after this date.

As the governing document of the country, the Indian Constitution replaced the Government of India Act of 1935 on Republic Day. The parade on Rajpath, which is televised, showcases India’s military prowess, along with hoisting the flag, reciting the national anthem, and holding shows and events. The Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, police, and paramilitary forces take part, as well as the national anthem.

Motorbikes as well as other weapons systems and motorbikes are used for stuns. Besides these, tableaus that beautifully depict each state of India add to their charm.

Republic day History

On 15 August 1947, India gained its independence from British rule after the Indian independence movement. A law passed in 1947, under the Indian Independence Act (10 & 11 Geo 6 c 30), divided British India into two independent Dominions of the British Commonwealth (later the Commonwealth of Nations).

India became a constitutional monarchy after independence on 15 August 1947 under the governor-generalship of the Earl Mountbatten and the head of state, George VI.

The Indian laws, however, were based on the modified Government of India Act 1935, not yet a permanent constitution. Under the chairmanship of Dr B R Ambedkar, the 29 August 1947 act of convocation for the appointment of a Drafting Committee was passed.

Indian Independence Day celebrates independence from British rule; Republic Day commemorates the country’s establishment of a constitution. The Constituent Assembly met for 166 days in open sessions during the period of two years, 11 months, and 18 days that followed. After its adoption on 2 May 1950, the Constitution became law.

Following much deliberation and some modifications, 308 members of the Assembly signed two handwritten copies (one in Hindi, one in English) on 24 January 1950. It took two days for it to take effect all over the country, which in this case would be 26 January 1950.

As a result of that day, Rajendra Prasad became the first president of the Indian Union. The Constituent Assembly became the Parliament of India under the transitional provisions of the new Constitution.

Happy Republic Day Wishes

  • Today is a special day,
  • We must promise our motherland that
  • Our team will do everything it can
  • Our heritage should be preserved and enriched
  • The essence of our ethos
  • Salutations on Republic Day
  • Learn from your wounds. Happy Republic Day
  •  On this Republic Day, let us celebrate India’s glory and the freedom fighters. Vande Mataram and Happy Republic Day.
  • What you believe is what you become, not what you want.
  • Having the freedom of thought,
  • The strength of the words,
  • Purity in our blood,
  • We take pride in our souls,
  • With zeal in our hearts,
  • On Republic Day, we salute our country.
  • Salute to the Republic Day!
  • Happy Republic Day To The Hero’s Who Gave Up Their Lives To Bring Up This Glorious Day In India.
  • It’s the 26th of January today, On this historical day to honor our national heroes and freedom fighters, Our republic nation was given to us by those who suffered. Happy Republic Day, 26th January!
  • Our country has a golden heritage, and we should feel proud to be part of it. We hope you enjoy the celebration.
  • Remember the heroes’ sacrifices
  • It was they who paid the ultimate price
  • As a tribute to this glorious day,
  • Greetings on Republic Day 2022
  • Don’t forget those who fought to make this day possible. Thank you.
  • An identity, a vision, and a nation
  • A nation cannot be perfect, it has to be made perfect.
  • India is mere pehchaan.
  • Salute to the Republic Day!

Happy Republic day quotes

  • Our minds are free, our words are faith-filled, and our hearts are proud. These are the memories of our souls. Let’s celebrate the Republic Day.
  • Our nation owes a great debt of gratitude to freedom fighters and soldiers who helped our nation achieve independence and a sense of unity. A happy Republic Day to all!
  • Our song must be about India. We must realize the dream of India. Congratulations on your first Republic Day.
  • The freedom of the mind,
  • Words with strength,
  • Purity in our blood,
  • Our souls are full of pride,
  • Our hearts are filled with zeal,
  • On this Republic Day, let’s salute our country.
  • The Republic Day of 2019 is here! Remembrance of Indian heroes who sacrificed their lives to give us freedom
  • Let our country flourish and prosper always…
  • Our nation should always do what is right!
  • Let’s celebrate Republic Day!
  • We are here today because of the sacrifice of thousands of people… forever remember their sacrifice… Happy Republic Day!

Republic Day greetings 2022

  • First and foremost, we are Indians. Happy Republic Day.
  • Whenever we choose, live, and dream may we always be free…
  • Happy Republic Day!
  • Do not forget to thank the soldiers and celebrate the glory of the nation. Have a great Republic Day!
  • Republic Day is celebrated on January 26
  • Keep remembering ritually
  • Get to know each other and say hello
  • On special occasions, on anniversaries;
  • Let’s continue counting the years,
  • If you add the numbers,
  • Managers will be delighted
  • What we do;
  • Here’s hoping for the magic wand
  • Turning miracles into reality
  • A night that never ends.
  • Defend our nations against all the social ills plaguing them by joining hands. Happy Republic Day 2022.
  • On this Republic Day, the tricolor symbolizes peace, humanity, and prosperity. Warmest wishes to the people of India!
  • We are proud to be Indians. We wish you a happy Republic Day!
  • As Indians, let us remember our country’s rich heritage and be proud of our heritage. Happy Republic Day.
  • Take a moment to reflect on our history on this day
  • Make our future better by working together.
  • All of us have a duty to do this!
  • Being an Indian makes me proud.
  • Happy Republic Day

26 January Wishes 2022

  • India is a great country where the lucky ones are born. Be proud to be an Indian. Have a great Republic Day!
  • We salute our India on Republic Day with freedom in the mind, strength in the words, purity in the blood, pride in our souls, and zeal in our hearts. Have a wonderful Republic Day!
  • As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, let’s promise our motherland that we will do everything in our power to enhance and preserve our heritage, ethos, and treasure. Happy Republic Day, everyone!
  • Never take our freedom for granted, it is the result of sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. Have a wonderful Republic Day!
  • Our nation deserves a thousand salutes. Hopefully it will become even greater and more prosperous. Here’s to another prosperous Republic Day!
  • Our brave freedom fighters did not die in vain. Let us not let them down. I want our country to remain the best in the world. I wish you a happy Republic Day!

26 January Quotes

  • The time has come for us to show our nation our love. Here’s wishing all my friends and colleagues a happy Republic Day 2019.
  • God always gives us the gift of independence.
  • God bless the United States of America!
  • We wish you a Happy Republic Day!
  • In honor of this special day, let us all pledge to our motherland that we will do all we can to preserve and enrich our heritage.
  • Have a great Republic Day.
  • A chance to be better is what freedom is all about.
  • Happy Republic Day
  • Let Us Not Forget To Defend The Colors Of Our Flag With Everything We Have As We Match Out In The Spirit Of Brotherhood And Nationhood.
  • Enjoy Your Republic Day!”
  • We are lucky to be born in such a great country as India, so be proud to be an Indian. We wish you a Happy Republic Day in 2022!
  • On Republic Day, let us celebrate our India with freedom in the mind, strength in the words, purity in the blood, pride in the soul, and zeal in the heart. Here’s to a prosperous Republic Day 2022.

Republic Day 2022

  • Let’s celebrate the Republic Day of 2021! Let us remember the true heroes of India who gave their lives so that we could be free.
  • Do not forget to thank the soldiers and celebrate the nation’s glory. Here’s to a prosperous Republic Day of 2022.
  • Defend our nations against the social ills plaguing them and let’s work together. I wish you a Happy Republic Day in 2022.
  • Let us pledge to our motherland on this special day that we will do our utmost to preserve our heritage, our culture, and our treasure. Let us wish you a happy Republic Day.
  • We shouldn’t take our freedom for granted, since it was earned by the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. Have a great Republic Day!
  • Our great nation deserves a thousand salutes. May it be even more prosperous in the future. Have an excellent Republic Day!
  • Despite being deprived of the financial wealth and the luxuries of this world, my brothers and sisters, let’s maintain our peaceful coexistence and most importantly, the love we feel for our nation. Have a wonderful Independence Day.
  • We must guard the colors of our flag with all our might while we march out in the spirit of brotherhood and nationhood. A happy Republic Day to you!
  • A man’s wisdom is not found in his age, but in his education. Have a great Republic Day!

Republic Day Status 2022

  • Happy 26 January 2022! Let us remember the heroes of India who gave their lives to bring us freedom on this day.
  • Each teacher should teach students to love this nation, and every parent should instill the beauty of our country in their children. Thank you for helping make this a success!
  • Everyone – young or old, dark or light-skinned, tall or short, must come together today to prove to the world that this country is the best in the world. Have a great Republic Day!
  • Let me at least remember the anonymous, in addition to our common ground, for once beyond the patriotic floats on a Republic Day.
  • Remember our country’s golden heritage and feel proud to be an Indian. Happy Republic Day 2022.
  • Independence is a wonderful gift. May this wonderful nation remain independent forever. Have a great Republic Day!
  • Whenever we choose, live, and dream, may we always have the freedom to choose, live, and dream. Happy Republic Day!
  • On this Republic Day, we salute Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, and Rabindranath Tagore!

Republic Day SMS 2022

  • Celebrate the spirit of a free nation by honoring those who have made us proud. Happy Republic Day! Consequently, we as the youth of India should commit to fighting terrorism till the last breath of our lives and protecting our mother INDIA with all our might. Jai Hind, Happy Republic Day!
  • I hope your happiness makes you pleasant, your trials make you strong, and your sorrow keeps you human. I hope your hope brings joy to our nation. Happy Republic Day! We got true independence today when the constitution of India was passed. Make sure to respect the day as well as celebrate it. Happy Republic Day!
  • We must keep our minds free, our hearts believing, and our souls remembering. Let’s salute the Nation on Republic Day. It is a great privilege to live in a country with such a rich heritage and history. Happy Republic Day!
  • Let us all come together to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Indian Republic Day with mutual respect and love.
  • “Revolutions do not come from bombs or pistols. They come from whetting-stones of ideas.” – Bhagat Singh. Happy Republic Day to you!
  • You should be proud to be an Indian because you are privileged to have come from such a wonderful nation. Have a great Republic Day 2022.

Republic Day Quotes in English

  • As we celebrate Republic Day, let’s salute our India with freedom of mind, the strength of words, purity of blood, pride of souls, and zeal of heart. Happy Republic Day 2022
  • Every teacher should teach their students to love our nation, and every parent should instill in their children the beauty of our nation. Happy Republic Day 2022
  • It is important for us to cherish our country’s golden heritage and to feel proud to call India home. Happy 26 January 2022
  • In our minds, in our hearts, and in our souls, we find freedom, faith, and memories. On this Republic Day, let us salute our nation.
  • It was our Founder Fathers who resisted the boom and shelling of the Colonial guns that ensured this nation’s sovereignty. Let us never forget the gift our Founder Fathers gave us. Happy Republic Day!
  • Happy Republic Day to the heroes who sacrificed their lives to make this day glorious for India.
  • We should all take a moment to reflect on our past and strive to build a better future for ourselves. Every one of us has a responsibility to do this! I am proud to be a part of the Indian community. Happy Republic Day!!!
  • Peace and prosperity be with all of you, and may we be thankful for the blessings our country has provided. Happy Republic Day Wishes to All!

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