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Tricks to Detect Lies on the Spot

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Even if we’re lying convincingly, our body tells it all. And this is usually because body language is simply ignored by a liar, who instead, puts all their focus on their words and facial expressions just like any other person. Psychologists believe that the key to detecting lies is revealed in body language for this reason, and if we shift our attention to it, we can catch just about any fib.

Some people are better liars than others. And while there’s no universal sign that can prove with 100% certainty that a person is lying, here at Bhaskar Health, we’ve collected several things you should pay attention to that will help you to detect it more easily.

1. Trace the pauses.

7 Tricks to Detect Lies on the Spot

One of the most common vocal clues that reveal if a person is lying is pauses, so pay attention to them. If a person takes long pauses or has many of them while speaking, they’re probably lying and taking their time to think about what to say. Speech errors like “ah,” “uhh,” and “I mean” also count.

2. Pay attention to the duration of emotions.

7 Tricks to Detect Lies on the Spot

Usually, real emotions last for no more than 5 seconds. If someone expresses emotion for more than 5 seconds, it’s most likely fake. You can’t possibly have the same facial expression for 10 seconds straight, right? So watch out for this.

3. Look out for bad timing.

7 Tricks to Detect Lies on the Spot

Scientists found out that emotions always come first, and only then are they followed by words. If a person first says “I’m angry,” and only then can you see an angry facial expression, it’s a fake one.

4. Check for the sincerity of emotions.

Real emotions are sincere, and it’s not always easy to reproduce it, so try to see how candid it is. The emotion is sincere when it’s not only one part of the face that changes. For example, if a person smiles, it’s not only their lips that move — wrinkles should also appear near the eyes and the eyebrows will automatically go downward. The same thing goes with any other emotion.

5. Be attentive toward repetition.

7 Tricks to Detect Lies on the Spot

While for some people it’s just hard to put their thoughts into words, too much repetition might be a sight of a person lying. If he or she is constantly repeating something, it may mean that they’re trying to convince both you and themselves, and gaging from your reaction if you believe what they’re saying.

6. Answering with the same words or phrases that were used in the question.

7 Tricks to Detect Lies on the Spot

The choice of words also says a lot. If a person uses the same exact ones that were used in the question, they don’t feel free enough and try to stick to what you said, as they may be afraid to say too much or reveal something else. Repeating the question itself before answering it is a bad sign as well — it’s what many liars do to take their time and come up with an answer.

7. Covering the face or mouth

One of the easiest body language signs to notice is when a liar covers their face or mouth. It’s quite a common thing for liars to do since it’s a psychological response, so if you see this, it’s very possible you’re being lied to.

Do you think you’re a good liar? Maybe you have some funny story about how somebody was trying to convince you about something totally absurd. Tell us in the comments below, we’re eager to hear from you!

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