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Why It’s Better to Stop Using Toilet Paper

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Toilet paper seems like the ultimate bathroom hygiene essential. But, in fact, in many Asian countries, people don’t even have it in their bathrooms. When it comes to toilet paper, most of us want the softest roll with the nicest smell possible, but chances are we don’t even think about how it might not be the healthiest way to stay clean.

We at Bhaskar Health decided to find out why using toilet paper might not be the best choice for your health.

1. It might irritate your private parts.

It’s always important to read the labels when you buy a certain product, and although toilet paper is a hygiene product, companies refuse to list all the ingredients, claiming “rights to trade secrets.” Yet a dangerous chemical called formaldehyde is often used in toilet paper to make it stronger and softer. Formaldehyde can be very irritating to your private parts and can also cause your eyes, skin, and throat to become more sensitive.

2. It may trigger allergies.

Scented toilet paper surely smells good and may be a nice addition to your bathroom, but these attractive perfumes can actually lead to allergies. To make toilet paper smell like a spring garden, companies often use artificial fragrances that can disrupt the healthy pH of your private parts and even cause yeast infections.


3. It might affect your reproductive health.

Why It’s Better to Stop Using Toilet Paper

Buying recycled toilet paper may seem like a conscious choice, but it often contains a powerful endocrine disrupter called bisphenol A, or BPA. BPA is chemically similar to the hormone, estrogen, which is crucial for fertility and the functioning of the uterus. Because it mimics estrogen, BPA can lead to problems with reproduction. In fact, avoiding BPA is one of the first things medical experts recommend to women who want to start a family.

4. It might not be doing the job.

Although toilet paper is supposed to give you a sense of cleanliness, it might not be the most effective way to clean your private parts. In addition to causing irritation, wiping with toilet paper comes with the risk of spreading germs and fecal matter to your hands and nails. Using a bidet, for example, may be a better way to stay clean, and because all you use is water, it’s gentler on your skin as well.

Have you ever considered using alternatives to toilet paper?

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