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7 Creative Ways to Save Money While Pregnant

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Raising kids is expensive, and while preparing for the birth of a baby is definitely exciting, it comes with a large price tag. There are lots of things many moms-to-be feel are absolutely necessary, but with a little bit of creativity, you can make your pregnancy more budget-friendly.

We at Bhaskar Health understand that most parents-to-be can’t resist the urge to spend lots of money on adorable baby clothes and expensive strollers as soon as they get the happy news. Luckily, you have 9 months to financially prepare for the arrival of your baby, and we gathered some tips that can help you with that.

1. Use a regular pillow instead of a special one.

As your belly gets bigger, you might experience some unpleasant symptoms, such as hip or back pain. Using additional pillows will provide much-needed support and can alleviate these painful sensations. There’s no doubt that using a pregnancy pillow will be the perfect solution, but just like most maternity products, these pillows are quite pricey. Placing a regular pillow between your legs might be just as effective and help you to ease swelling and leg pain.

2. Opt for cooking oils instead of stretch mark creams.

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through an incredible transformation, and as the skin on your belly keeps stretching, you might develop long, narrow lines, also known as stretch marks. These purple or white streaks are not easy to get rid of, and being proactive can help to prevent them. There are lots of skincare products on the market that claim to completely wipe out stretch marks, but most of them are pretty expensive. Try using some oils you likely already have in your pantry, such as olive oil, which is rich in antioxidants and promotes blood circulation, helping to minimize the stretch marks.

3. Turn your regular clothes into maternity outfits.

Maternity clothes are adorable, but buying tops and dresses you’ll be wearing for a relatively short period might not be easy on your wallet. Instead of spending a fortune on special outfits for moms-to-be, go through your closet and dresser drawers. Any oversized blazer or a looser top will fall nicely over your growing bump and can even help you hide your news if you’re not ready to tell everyone yet. Instead of buying a maternity bra, pick up some affordable bra extenders at your local fabric store that can help you adjust your bra to your new size.

4. Create an everyday “emergency snack” bag.

Every pregnant woman knows that if you leave home without any snacks, chances are you’ll be feeling cranky and will probably buy something unhealthy at the nearest store just to tame the hunger. Having a small snack bag filled with nuts or energy bars in your purse will help you get through a rough day without feeling hungry. Another great addition to your snack bag is dark chocolate, which is good for your heart and rich in fiber and iron.

5. Stock up on freebies.

While you can’t get all your pregnancy and baby supplies as freebies, even a few diapers or mini-sized products can help you save money during the first few months. Many companies offer welcome kits and boxes for moms-to-be that are filled with goodies you and your baby might need.

6. Resist the urge to buy newborn clothes.

Tiny newborn clothes are so cute, you might get baby fever just looking at them. But once you share your happy news with your friends and co-workers, chances are you’ll be literally flooded with gifts and used baby clothes. You’ll likely have enough clothes to last until your newborn grows out of them, so try to save the shopping for when your baby is older and there are fewer gifts.

7. Say yes to baby showers.

One of the many benefits of expecting a baby is that your friends and family members want to buy presents for your yet-to-be-born baby. Your co-workers or neighbors might want to throw you a baby shower, and creating a baby registry is a great way to identify the items you’ll need for your little one.

What were the most expensive things you had to buy while pregnant? Do you know any other ways to save money when you’re expecting?

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