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Labour Day: What Is May Day And Why Is It Celebrated

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May Day honours and celebrates the accomplishments and contributions of labourers and workers. This day is dedicated to the working class and encourages them to be conscious of their rights. It is also known as Labour Day or the International Workers' Day.

May day is observed every year on May 1. It's observed not only in India but also in nations such as Cuba and China. The major goal is to acknowledge the immense hard work put in by the working class, to educate them about their rights, and to protect them from being exploited.

Workers must be aware of the opportunities available to them for their welfare and progress.

Labour Day

History and significance

May Day traces its origin to the labour union movement in the United States in the 19th century. The Marxist International Socialist Congress adopted a resolution in 1889 stating that employees should not be forced to work for more than eight hours a day. Following that, it became an annual event.

It was declared for the workers in Paris and France to dedicate May 1, every year, as the ‘Workers Day of International Unity and Solidarity'.

In 1884, the American Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions called for an eight-hour workday. This led to a general strike and the Haymarket (Chicago) Riot, which finally led to the implementation of the eight-hour workday regulation in many countries throughout the world.

International Labour Day in India

In India, the first May Day was celebrated on May 1, 1923, in then Madras (now Chennai). It was organised by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan.

More than 80 countries, including India, observe this day. May Day is also considered "Maharashtra Day" and "Gujarat Day".

How is May Day celebrated?

This day is observed as a national holiday in many nations. Various events are held to remind people of labour rights. To raise awareness of labour rights, messages are also conveyed through various channels.

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