9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

The purpose of habits is to not do anything by force or worry that we forgot to do something, but rather to have it become a part of our healthy everyday lifestyle. Many people may already have a series of habits that they’ve instilled into their life, but there are some others that may be unknown and have surprising health benefits.

Baskar Health offers a list of simple, everyday routines you can do to better your overall mental and physical health.

1. Scraping your tongue

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

If you often struggle with bad breath, then this might be your key ingredient to overcome that issue. When you scrape your tongue, you take out all the additional particles and bacteria that were there. You can do this with a little bent tool made out of plastic, or you can also use a metal one.

Not only does it help with bad breath, but it also betters your sense of taste, makes your tongue look nicer, and decreases the chances of cavities and tooth decay.

2. Using certain oils as a replacement for mouthwash

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

The process of oil pulling comes from India and it is a natural medicine that helps clean and whitens your teeth. You can use coconut, sunflower, or sesame oil to do this. Simply, place 1-2 teaspoons of one of these oils in your mouth, swish for 20 minutes, then spit it out in your nearby trash can.

Apart from having teeth-whitening benefits, doing this every day can help people with asthma, skin problems, infections, headaches, and so on.

3. Holding your phone differently

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

According to experts, our hands weren’t designed to operate small things, such as our little, thin phones. The act of continuously placing our thumb on a tiny button is harmful to our joints because it can cause pain and tenderness in our hands.

When holding your phone, try to pull your thumb away from your palm, or put a cloth or towel just behind your phone to make some space. This may allow you to continue using it longer. It’s also advisable to do some ’cellphone stretches,’ which means stretching out your hand muscles.

4. Taking less photos

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

According to research, taking photos at an event doesn’t help you remember your experience, it actually impairs your memory of it. Taking photos of objects as a whole can make you forget the objects, details, and location of them rather than just observing them without taking pictures.

However, this doesn’t mean you should stop taking photos completely. Zooming in and taking detailed shots can help you remember your experience and may not weaken your recollection of the occasion.

5. Grocery shopping on a full stomach

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

According to research, going grocery shopping after a snack or a meal can actually make you choose lower-calorie foods to buy. Going shopping on an empty stomach can also make you spend more money by buying things that aren’t related to food, like envelope clips. Being hungry truly does wonders.

6. Smelling citrus fruits

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

Oranges, among other citrus fruits, are very beneficial for your health — they can decrease your anxiety levels, reduce stress, and help with digestion. However, everyone is different, that’s why it’s advisable to test what works for you best. Grapefruit, for some, can boost memory, and putting lemon balm on your wrist may brighten up your attitude.

Not only that, but people who smell oranges while on a diet may be more likely to fend off the temptation to eat sweets. This may be because it reminds them that they should limit the tempting foods or snacks that they shouldn’t be eating while on a diet.

7. Hula-hooping

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

If you aren’t a big fan of exercise, hula hooping may be an ideal type of workout for you — it is a fun way to burn calories and fat, it makes your lower body muscles stronger, and it’s a great replacement for cardio. It can also be a great way to spend more time with your kids by making it a fun competition.

8. Drinking coffee before bed may only affect morning people.

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

For morning people, drinking coffee at night can affect their sleeping patterns making them toss and turn a lot. However, a study shows that for night owls, it may not make an impact on their sleep. They can sleep through the night no matter how much coffee they drank in the hours before going to bed.

One study even showed that drinking coffee before bed made no difference for either group of people, however, they may not have been diverse enough.

9. Sleeping on the floor

9 Simple Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

Sleeping on the floor has a variety of benefits, such as improving your back problems and posture. It may also make you sleep better and more comfortably, as it results in a cooler temperature during sleep. This can help you during the hotter seasons, like summer. However, for some people, it can cause even more back pain, so it’s a good idea to check with your doctor first.

Did you find some of these tips helpful? Which daily habits will you include in your life?

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