Phimosis can be a painful condition but not a major issue as it is treatable.

It can be cured with and without surgery.

For someone who is extremely scared of surgery then PHIMOSIS RINGS is the best option.

Using phimosis rings is the most popular and the easiest way to cure phimosis. Phimosis can be completely cured in adults no matter which type of phimosis you have.

I will refer TreatPhimosis rings, it contains 20 rings, 1 applicator tool and a small guide on how to use.

Rings are made of good quality silicon and little by little you will see the progress.

The first step is to find the ring size that is most appropriate for you depending on how far you can stretch the foreskin. Choose based upon the tightness, the ring shouldn’t be too tight and shouldn’t be loose either. This involves some hit and trial, you gotta try the rings till you know which size fits best.

Here’s how you can Use Phimosis Rings to cure Phimosis in 5 easy steps :

Step 1: Apply oil or steroid cream on your foreskin:

Coconut Oil, fore-stretch cream or a steroid cream any of these three can be applied on the foreskin. Apply the oil/cream over glans too, so that it is lubricated enough, otherwise it may cause rashes over glans and foreskin.

Step 2: Apply oil over phimosis rings:

Apply castor oil or coconut oil on the outer circumference of the phimosis ring.

Step 3: Retract the foreskin:

Grab the foreskin and push it back a little, now bring it forward over the glans so that there is enough space for the treatphimosis ring to sit under the foreskin.

Step 4: Slide the ring under the phimotic band (foreskin):

Wear it so that the foreskin’s edge sits over the outer diameter of the treatphimosis ring.

Step 5: Check the tightness and size of the TreatPhimosis ring:

The treatphimosis ring shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, it should fit perfectly. If the ring is loose then try to use a size bigger than the current ring size.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Refer the images for better understanding.