Monkeypox Virus Spread Through Sexual Intercourse: Experts

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Nowadays, as the world progresses, new and strange diseases are emerging. At a time when the entire world is gradually limping back to normalcy ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the threat of a new virus ‘Monkeypox’ is now looming large.

Monkeypox disease is now slowly taking over different countries of the world. The virus have been reported in countries such as England and Spain, as well as Portugal. Not only in Europe, but also in the United States, a person is infected with the virus. Some other people with the symptoms of Monkeypox are also being tested.

The first Monkeypox case was diagnosed in London on May 7. The man had recently returned to England from Nigeria. Therefore, it is being suspected that the patient came in contact with the virus somewhere in Africa. But experts are clueless about how the virus is spreading thereafter.

There is a cure for water pox or smallpox. However, doctors do not know any specific treatment to cure Monkeypox which is a special kind of Pox. Experts and scientists are doing more research and are trying their best to know more about the virus and its treatment.

The preliminary findings indicate that the initial symptoms of monkeypox include fever, headache, and back and neck pain. Some people even may also have shivers and fatigue. Small scars appear on their bodies. Experts are of the opine that some of the symptoms of measles, spring, scurvy, and syphilis are found to be somewhat similar to the symptoms of this disease.

Monkeypox Virus Spread Through Sexual Intercourse: Experts

Until now, scientists thought the disease was spreading through droplets. But after investigating the new case, doctors feared that the Monkeypox was also spreading due to sexual contact. Experts have also issued warnings. According to a section of experts, if you have sex with a monkeypox-infected person, you are more likely to be infected.

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