Powerful Ways To Be Confident

We all know that our own unique self-confidence (as a whole) has a major impact on how we live our day-to-day lives.

That trusting ourselves will surely make us look and feel more confident. 

But what else brings forth self-confidence?

We know that those who are knowingly confident just naturally and positively affect the people surrounding them in a good way. 

And that those confident people do not only embody this inner worth but they seem to have it with them wherever they are or whoever they are with.

Not only that, but they also seem to always have this natural inner confidence with little to no effort at all. 

Would you like to be one of these people?

If so, confident women don’t have a mystery that you’re missing out on, in fact, you can easily be more confident, just by knowing what they are

Here are 10 practices that every confident woman rehearses on a daily basis.  

9 Habits of Highly Confident Women - Everything Abode

1. Embrace Failure.

Fear of failure prevents so many people from taking opportunities – but not the most confident women who have this inner resilience and hope.

Confident women are always looking for opportunities to push themselves. They know that embracing their failures and “shortcomings” will just be a springboard to keep confidently pursuing their goals. Bottom line — They know that failure will take them further.

2.  Plan Ahead & Have A Plan.

Not only do confident women have self-assured ambitions — but they also have certain steps to achieve them.

These confident people take action in life with what they want and always have a plan to get there. That’s because planning almost will always ensure the extra confidence that they need to achieve their most frightening goals.

In Psych Central’s self-confidence formula for women, the best course of action for creating a great plan for something is to “create and execute a strategy”. Select a field for personal or professional development and determine the steps you need to get there. Then timeline them.

If you lead your life this way, your extra planning will give you that inner self-confidence you need to help you achieve any ambition you have set out for yourself. 

3.  Apply The “Act As If” Method.

9 Habits of a Confident Woman

Sometimes even the most confident women still lack, you guessed it, self-confidence. And even though they seem confident, that may also be because they are simply acting that way. 

They’ve learned to practice the art of, “acting as if”, especially for those particular days when they have everything but confidence. 

So, if you haven’t heard of the “act as if” method yet, this principle was first written about over 100 years ago by a man named William James.  He went on to outline that anyone can create an inner motivation using this method, especially for people who are reluctant to do certain things.

In fact, this theory works for almost anything! 

There is so much to explain about the act-as-if method but the main principal behavior described to carry it out, is that you will want to imitate and mean certain behaviors to get your desired outcome. 

It goes on to explain that you should try to adopt the ways, facial expressions, pace, tone, posture, and dress code of whatever is typical for a person interested in doing the job, and do this until it starts to feel normalized.

And you bet that some highly confident women you know are acting that way for a reason.

So encourage yourself to do more, lead with higher self-esteem, and bring forth that greater inner self-confidence you know that’s within you by acting as if.

4.  Communicate Effectively.

The ability to connect with others is an ability everyone should learn and most confident women are the living meaning of this in almost any scenario they find themselves in.

They can comfortably cope with most social situations, primarily because they are interested in learning more about a variety of different topics and aren’t afraid to confidently help conduct the discussion to continue.


5.  Listen With All Your Senses.

Along with their curiosity and sense of wonder, communicating effectively is easy for confident women because they listen and learn without having thoughts of insecurity pop in. 

Instead of rehearsing what they are going to say next, they are actually listening with intent, and when they do that gives them something tangible to say so they can jump in with something that’s not totally off the subject. 

6.  Don’t Seek Attention.

Women with the most confidence are masters of attention awareness.

If attention is given to their achievement, they easily transform the spotlight to all those who worked hard to help them get there.

They do not want or need recognition or affirmation because they already have intrinsic self-worth that already comes from within.

Anything that someone else says to them is a bonus and it’s a great way of knowing your self-worth and not letting others determine if you have it. 

If you feel you need attention to feel good? Ask yourself… What are you really benefiting from it? Why are other people’s opinions important to you? 

Sometimes the praise we seek is often what we need to hear from just ourselves!

7.  Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help.

People who seem confident just wouldn’t make themselves seem weak or uneducated if they ask for support from others. In fact, admitting that they don’t know something comes off as confident because a lot of people are afraid to admit just that — that they don’t know it all!

Most confident people already know their limitations and shortcomings. And what they do differently is that they try to fill the gaps with someone else’s knowledge who can help them.

They know that asking for extra help is the perfect way to improve their self-awareness if they lack experience in doing something.

8.  When Saying Yes And No — Mean Both!


The word NO is a hard word to say for many people. It implies that we don’t want to do or have the time to fit that extra thing into our busy lives.

Fortunately, this word is in a lot of very strong and confident women’s vocabularies. They know that reserving the word YES and meaning it and reserving the NO and meaning that too, will allow them to relieve frustration and dissatisfaction from others, again if they mean it.

Not only does it help them to feel more confident about how they choose to live their lives but by actually meaning it, it gives them more worth to others and to themselves.

So what’s the best way to achieve a healthy balance of your needs vs other people’s wants?  

Reserve yes for just what you really want to do. Say NO when you’re stuck in a difficult place. And if you are confused? Don’t instantly respond.  Think about it for a moment and ask for time to reply.

You will gain a lot of respect and of course confidence for doing this one thing alone!

9. Elevate Your Appearance For An Extra Boost.

We all want to look and feel more confident. And even though feeling more confident is all about inside work. How you look and present yourself can also do wonders for your confidence. 

A highly confident woman knows that the look doesn’t automatically mean confidence, but what she does know is that she can STILL enjoy dressing with her confidence.

Psychologists can shout to the moon and back and it still stands true, that the way we dress is another form of communication to others, and it’s safe to say that you want that communication to come across in a confident way. 

Confident women all know this!

So regardless of how you feel, always ensure that you are looking much more confident by elevating your appearance to suit how you would like to be looked at. 

10. Own The Space In Which You Stand.

A confident woman has a lot of ways she can harness her inner self-confidence and one of those ways is by claiming her space in ANY room in that which she stands. 

Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy shares an easy way, that anyone can do, to change how ‘others’ perceive them’ and also how they feel about themselves… Her trick? By spending two minutes “power posing” with your arms or elbows out, and having your chin lifted.

She asserts that doing this will make your posture more expansive and you will have the power to bring forth your full, spirited self to any social situation you find yourself in.  

All the most confident women in the world are extremely confident because they have learned and stuck to these 10 classic habits.

But if you can take away anything, be confident in how you interact with others, and trust your inner intuition.

You’ll start to see your confidence rise if you believe in yourself and stick to your own values.