Things That Make Your Image Tasteless

In the modern world, the number of images created and recommended by different designers and stylists is increasing rapidly season by season. One can hardly be surprised at the mix of different styles or even unmatchable looks. However, one should never neglect the "security" rules — even in a basic wardrobe.

Bhaskar Health has prepared a list of everyday items that sometimes hide real tricks in themselves.

1. Flat shoes with a business suit

Flat shoes make your ankles appear bigger, and this can make your legs look like a couple of long loaves or wide pillars. This is especially inappropriate in a business outfit, which should imply elegance. In this case, it is better to give your preference to stilettos or, at least, to a little heel.

2. Long shirt over jeans

A long tight shirt over jeans makes your silhouette too long. Moreover, together with shorts, the image will look even more awkward. It’s better to tuck such a shirt into jeans. If it’s not your style, then it’s better to give preference to loose styles.


3. Voluminous bag for events

A voluminous bag is a universal thing. Not only can you match it with a casual style but also with a business style. However, when getting ready to go to a restaurant or a club, it’s better to choose more compact models. In these cases, the choice of a bulky bag is inappropriate.

4. Ankle boots with a short skirt

Ankle boots rarely match skirts. This type of shoe visually shortens the legs. This unwanted effect is enhanced by a short skirt. The best alternative will be classic flat shoes or tall boots in winter.

5. Several "loose" items at once

Several loose items of clothing in one look completely hide the shapes that were meant to be enhanced (waist, hips, breasts). If you have a strong desire to wear something loose, it is better to balance the other elements of your image by putting on something that flatters your shape.


6. Tights with shorts

Shorts are traditionally considered to be an item of summer clothing that doesn’t need any add-ons. It’s better to save them for the appropriate season instead of creating awkward images with thick, shimmering, or any other types of tights.

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7. Tulip skirt

This type of skirt is "safe" for the figure if it’s a low-waisted skirt. Tulip skirts with high waists only look good if you stand straight. When you are moving, the illusion of a protruding tummy is created, even if you are slim. If you have doubts when choosing the right style, stick to the classics, keeping in mind your figure type.

8. Bigger shoes

Big shoes look tasteless. It’s better to go shopping for shoes in the early part of the day because your feet can be tired and swollen by the end of the day. Therefore, the size of your shoes will “move away“ from your real size. As a result, you can get an ugly sticking ”heel."


9. Turtlenecks

You should be very careful with this type of clothing because your neck might look shorter and your figure will resemble a square. You shouldn’t avoid clothes with open necklines, and you can enhance the image with scarfs and kerchiefs if needed.

10. Jeans that don’t fit properly

Jeans have a tendency to stretch and become loose. Therefore, if the jeans are a little loose when you first try them on, there is a risk that not only will they not enhance your figure after some time but they will also make you appear shapeless. When choosing jeans that are a little tight (a little, not a whole size smaller), you give them the chance to keep their shape for a long time.

11. Bra straps

11 Everyday Things That Make Your Image Tasteless

Visible bra straps are as tacky as it gets. So how about using a paper clip to pull the straps together on your back? Now you can enjoy your flawless sense of fashion.