World Blood Donor Day 2022

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on the 14 June every year. It is being distinguished to raise awareness about saving lives by blood donations. Each year millions of people all over the world decide to donate blood and plasma; this is the reason why it has been called the World Blood Donor Day.

There are a number of reasons why people take part in blood donation events like World Blood Donor Day every year. First, it is a way to save the lives of many people who are affected by diseases and conditions. In addition, by donating blood, these patients will be able to continue their medical treatment, which will give them better chances to survive the disease. However, this does not mean that they have to give up their drugs or medication - they can always choose to withdraw from them if they are uncomfortable about taking them.

History of World Blood Donor Day

In 2004 World Blood Donor Day was first distinguished by the WHO. In the 58th World Health Assembly, 2005 it was declared as an annual global event to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation.

Birthday of Karl Landsteiner is celebrated as World Blood Donor day, he was Austrian American immunologist, pathologist and a Nobel Prize winner in 1930 because of his development and discovery of ABO blood group system and modern blood transfusion.

Significance of World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day was founded to bring together people from different parts of the world who have the same interest - saving lives of men and women affected by diseases such as Coronavirus, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis etc.

On this day, volunteers, including men and women, from different countries of the globe, donate blood, and plasma to help people in need. If you are one of those who want to lend a hand and can't find the time to participate in blood transfusions and plasma donation, then you can make up for it by sharing your own blood. This is the easiest way to help out other people during World Blood Donor Day.

Importance of Blood Donation

The importance of donating blood is not only to save the lives of thousands of people who are deprived of life, but also to save the lives of many more who are affected by various diseases and help them to fight numerous illnesses. 

It has also been seen that when people have donated their blood, they have gained many health benefits. Most of the people who donate their blood tend to recover fast from their diseases and even live a longer life, it also helps in weight loss, in maintaining healthy liver and iron level, reducing risk of heart attack and cancer.

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