How to Feel Confident During Your Period

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The symptoms that accompany a period can make you feel uncomfortable and not your usual confident and lively self. But by planning for your period and knowing how to treat your symptoms and increase your endorphins, you can restore your sense of confidence while on your period.

Treating Your Period Symptoms

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    Chart your period. Being prepared is your best line of defense when it comes to being confident while on your period. Make a calendar that charts your pre-period symptoms, when your period starts, how long it lasts, your heaviest days, and the last day of your period. This way, you can prepare for you period adequately.[1]
    • There are phone apps that will help you chart your period, as well. For example, Period Tracker is a helpful app that bases its projections off of your last three periods. This way it can accurately predict when your next period will begin and alert you days in advance.
    • You can also prepare for you period by recognizing your pre-period symptoms. Some common pre-period symptoms are tender breasts and abdomen, bloating, feeling sluggish, cranky, or emotional, and headaches.
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    Get adequate period protection. Once you know when your period is about to begin, and which days are your heaviest days, you can prepare for your period by getting the adequate protection. For example, if your first few days are light, carry around tampons, panty liners, or light pads to prepare for the start of your period.[2]
    • If your period is heavy in the first few days, make sure to get pads that are long, have wings, and have good absorption. If you prefer tampons, there are tampons available in different sizes to suit your period needs.
    • Carry an extra pair of underwear or pants in case your period starts during an inconvenient time, like during class or an important work meeting. You can also carry a sweater or a jacket to tie around your waist in the event that you start your period without adequate protection or during an inconvenient time.
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    Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Some women find that they feel better during their period if they wear clothes that fit loosely or comfortably. Try to wear something that is not too tight or restrictive during your period, or at least during the first few days of it.
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    Carry pain relievers with you. Carry pain relievers in your purse to prepare for the onset of PMS-related pain. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain relievers (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen and naproxen, are great for treating cramps, breast tenderness, backaches, and headaches. Or, you can carry around pain relievers that are specifically designed for relieving period symptoms like Midol and Pamprin.[3]
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    Take vitamins. Some types of vitamins and herbal supplements may help to reduce pain during your period as well. Some of the supplements that may help to reduce pain from menstrual cramps include:
    • Fenugreek.
    • Ginger.
    • Valerian.
    • Zataria.
    • Zinc sulphate.
    • Fish oil.
    • Vitamin B1.
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    Wear adhesive heating pads. A heating pad can be helpful for reducing pain from cramps, but it is not always easy to use one, especially if you are at work or school. Adhesive heating pads are a good alternative because you can stick them on and wear them under your clothes for pain relief.
    • Try placing an adhesive heating pad on your lower back or lower abdomen to help reduce pain from cramps.

Taking Care of Your Body

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    Stay hydrated. It is important to stay hydrated during your period. Staying hydrated will help with bloating. Try to drink 9 cups or 2.2 liters of water per day in order to stay hydrated.[4] If you are on the go, carry a water bottle with you.
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    Eat healthy foods. It is important to eat healthy foods while on your period. By eating healthy foods, you will get the necessary vitamins that will help regulate your period and relieve period symptoms. Eat healthy foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins.[5] For example, eat a healthy snack like carrots and hummus, apples and peanut butter, or a smoothie with fresh fruit and yogurt when you have cravings.
    • Avoid foods high in sugar and salt, like junk food. These foods can actually make your symptoms worse.
    • Alcohol and tobacco can also make your symptoms worse. Try to avoid these substances.
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    Get enough sleep. Your period and its symptoms can take a toll on your body and mind. By getting enough sleep, you can reduce the stress that a period can cause on your body and mind. You will also feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning, and you will have enough energy to get you through the day. Make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night during your period.[6]
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    Take a warm bath with lavender. A warm bath with lavender essence can treat cramps and help you feel relaxed. Fill up a bathtub with warm water. As the water is running, pour a couple drops of lavender oil into the running water. Lavender promotes relaxation and increases the release of endorphins in your body.[7]
    • You can buy lavender essence from you local pharmacy, grocery store, or aromatic store like Bath & Body Works.

Increasing Your Endorphins

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    Exercise. Exercising during your period is a great way to relieve cramps and to release endorphins in your body. Endorphins are hormones that are secreted in the brain that help diminish pain and increase positive feelings.[8]
    • Do light exercises like yoga, stretching, brisk walking, and biking. You do not want to over exert yourself, but you do want to get your blood flowing.
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    Eat dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate can also cause your body to release endorphins. However, try to stick to small amounts of dark chocolate at a time. Eating too much chocolate can have reverse effects since chocolate has a high sugar content.[9]
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    Pamper yourself. Pampering yourself while on your period will give your mood a positive boost. Instead of lying around on the couch, go get a manicure or pedicure, or, even better, get a massage. Massages can relieve period symptoms like bloating and cramping. Massages release endorphins in your body, as well.[10]
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    Watch something funny. Watching something that will make you laugh will also release endorphins in your body. Watch your favorite comedy with a group of friends to improve your mood and confidence.
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    Go dancing. Dancing is a great way to get exercise and release endorphins. Plan to go dancing with your friends at your favorite nightclub. Or, you can even plan your own dance party at home. That way, you can be more comfortable if you don’t feel like dressing up.
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    Talk to your doctor. An occasional case of the blues during your period is normal. However, if you have extreme mood swings that affect your relationships, school, or work, you might be battling with a case of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). PMDD is similar to PMS, but symptoms like sadness, hopelessness, extreme moodiness, and marked anger or irritability stand out and take over.[11]
    • Contact your doctor if you feel like your symptoms are more serious than occasional feelings of loneliness or deflated confidence during your period.

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