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Men and Women Handle Stress Differently

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Researchers suggest that women are more likely to report physical symptoms such as headaches and upset stomachs due to stress. Also, women are more likely than men to report having a great deal of stress. But let’s see what both genders actually need to be able to handle it.

We at Bhaskar Health studied the curious topic of how both genders handle stress, and we would like to share some findings with you.

Men and women react differently to stress because of hormones.

things play a huge role in our reaction to stress. They are cortisol, epinephrine, and oxytocin. In women who are stressed, cortisol and epinephrine go into the bloodstream and oxytocin gets released from the brain, and this promotes emotions.

In men, oxytocin is released in much smaller amounts, so fewer emotions are involved.

Women and men have a different response to stress.

Men and Women Handle Stress Differently, and Here Is What They Actually Need

Studies showed that women have a tendency to protect themselves and their loved ones when stressed. More safety for them, equals less stress. The creation and maintenance of their network of friends also works as a cure for women.

Men, who release smaller amounts of oxytocin, tend to experience a “fight or flight” response when stressed — meaning they either bottle it up and escape, or fight back.

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The main thing about these ways of bottling up stress is to keep a balance. “Self-sacrifice in relationships is how many women get stressed.”

For men, “achieving a winning performance at all costs is how many men get stressed.”

Men and women need different activities during stress.

Researchers say women are more likely than men to say they read to handle stress. Also, they prefer to connect to people and activities like spending time with friends or family.

Men are more likely to say they play sports and listen to music to help themselves feel better.
Women are more likely than men to say they eat as a way of managing stress, while men exercise because it gives them something to do.

Men and Women Handle Stress Differently, and Here Is What They Actually Need

When asked what they would need to change in order for their willpower to improve, women report more often than men that they need less fatigue, more energy, and more time.
Men have been known to say they need less encouragement from friends or family, but need more money.

What activity helps you to manage stress? What things are the most stressful for you?

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