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Man Loses Memory 10 Minutes After Having Sex With Wife

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In a bizarre incident, a 66-year-old Irish man reportedly suffered short-term amnesia shortly after having sex with his wife.

An Irish medical journal reports and explains that Transient Global Amnesia which is short term amnesia is triggered by gender-specific causes.

The Mayo Clinic refers to TGA as an episode of sudden transient global amnesia that is not caused by more common neuropathy such as epilepsy or stroke.

In a recent incident, an Irish man was moved to the hospital as he reported TGA after having sexual intercourse with his wife.

The man is aged 66 and was taken to hospital after he caught TGA.

According to the case, the Irish man lost his memory within 10 minutes of having sex with his wife.

The man had taken notice of the date on his mobile phone when he realized he had become distressed that he forgot his wedding anniversary the day before. It says although he celebrated his wedding celebration the previous evening, he had no clue about the event.

He even questioned his wife and daughter about the events of the morning and the previous day.

It's a rare condition and this is said to affect people aged between 50- 70 and has the ability to disappear from recent events. Some people who are affected by this do not remember what happened in the last year. The memory gets regained within a few hours.

The case of the Irish man was able to be noted down as he remembered his usual name, age and other basic information.

A point to be noted is that he came across the TGA back in 2015 and the incident occurred after having sex back then also. But he could retain his memory at least.

Realizing that he might have TGA again he encountered himself in an emergency room he had done a neurological examination and later got the result to be normal. Soon after that, he got back his memory.

The author of the journal who works in the Department of Neurology at the University hospital of Limerick speaks that 10 per cent of people with TGA have another episode. The authors add that precipitation of TGA could be linked with several activities inclusive of physical activities, immersion in cold or hot water, emotional stress, pain and sexual intercourses.

Back in 2009, an expert said that it was not enough of a stimulus or deprivation that it permanently injures the brain. The brain recovers. There should not be any deficit other than memory and should be brief.

The TGA is considered not to be much serious but the incident can be terrifying to the affected people and their loved ones.
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