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In the year 2015, ClinicSpots was introduced as an online Question & Answer platform in order to bridge the gap between people and healthcare service providers. Since the past few decades, people have been known to log on to the internet through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and so on for seeking knowledge and information relating to almost everything and anything. These search parameters extend to diseases and the available scope of treatment and medicine, recovery rate and much more.

The Digital Age

Today, each and every individual lives an extremely busy life and when faced with an illness or sickness, they visit the Internet to search for the best treatment possible and offered by which doctor and or at which hospital within their locality or country or even abroad. Once again, this depends upon the medical condition of the patient and his/her willingness capacity to spend and travel.

Hence, ClinicSpots provides a vital connection between the medical service provider and the patient assisting them to take advantage of each other.

ClinicSpots Offerings to the Patients

The website is a knowledge bank that offers in-depth knowledge on highly searched medical conditions and topics viz. cancer, kidney transplant, liver transplant, bone marrow transplant, bypass surgery, IVF, knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, spine surgery to cosmetic surgeries such as hair transplant, dental implants, liposuction, breast implants and so on. At times, this could prove to be more insightful than a personal consultation with the specialist too.

The extent of knowledge on these conditions includes an extensive introduction about them along with the most effective and preferred treatments& procedures available, where, how and an approximate cost of the various available treatments.

Q and A Platform — USP of ClinicSpots

We do understand the anxiety the patients and their family members undergo at such trying times. We are open to receiving queries and doubts regarding diseases, medical conditions, and procedures from our visitors. They can post their queries online either before beginning the treatment or during or even after the treatment and expect a very satisfying and well-explained response. The response could be offered by a top medical professional who would be well experienced in the field. This service is offered to domestic as well as visitors from abroad.

Through these responses, the patients and their family members can ascertain whether they are on the right path of recovery or they need to opt for another feasible alternative in order to recover better and faster and so on.

The Real Connect

On request, our team will provide the contact details of the expert doctor and even connect the patients with him or her. The patients can choose from the available panel of doctors depending upon various criteria such as doctor’s fees, cost of the treatments, location of the hospital and its charges along with stay costs and travel costs as per the requirement.

In case the patients choose our recommended doctor or hospital, our team stays in touch with them through email, phone and in-person at every single step ensuring that they are guided well and get proper treatment and care at all times.

ClinicSpots and Medical Tourism in India

Yes, with the advent of medical tourism in India, we are well equipped to cater to medical tourists arriving in India from all corners of the world. In India, a diverse range of medical treatment is available due to expert doctors and the nursing sector whose knowledge is on par with those across the globe. Our hospitals are equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology and hence world-class treatment at cost-effective prices.

With an online healthcare facilitator such as ClinicSpots, India medical tourists can not only acquire information related to medical treatment in India but also reassurance that they will be well looked after and return home in good health too. There are innumerable ‘Happy Patients’ stories to collaborate real-time experiences of their association with ClinicSpots.

Collaboration with Top Hospitals across India

India has a large number of well-established multi-specialty hospitals such as

· Fortis Hospitals

· Apollo Hospitals

· Saifee Hospital — Mumbai

· Kokilaben Hospital — Mumbai

· Raheja Hospital — Mumbai

· Max Hospitals

We are well connected with other top multi-specialty hospitals located in the metro cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. Each of these hospitals has an extensive panel of top medical professional experts in the field offering world-class medical treatment.

Assistance to Medical Tourists

Yes, ClinicSpots is committed to providing complete assistance to patients even before they arrive here for their treatment. The extent of assistance includes –

· Second opinion from doctors based on medical reports furnished by the patients

· Estimates of Medical Treatments costs, stay and other allied needs

· Travel Plan from arrival to departure post-treatment and recovery

Once the medical tourist agrees to appoint us as his/her representative in India than rest assured the entire medical trip to India will absolutely hassle-free. Yes, our team will then undertake the following initiatives –

· Scheduling of Medical Appointments, procedures, and treatments

· Invitation Letter for Visa

· Accommodation as per preference and budget

· Language Assistance

· Travel Plans and Ticket Assistance for arrival as departure

On the overall, we will ensure that the medical tourist or patient’s journey is smooth and absolutely hassle-free. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the patients get cost-effective world-class treatment and care and return home in well recovered and healthy condition.

ClinicSpots and Doctors — A Strong Bonding Association

ClinicSpots has special offerings in store for the doctors and medical experts too. Doctors can check out their practice management module — Clinicsoft and also enjoy a highly visible virtual presence through question and answer portal.

Clinicsoft — An Intuitive Interface for Doctors

Yes, this easy to use yet intuitive interface works help the doctors maintain their appointment schedules and even their patients’ medical records. Developed on the SAAS platform, this interface is equipped to take appointments, reschedule or cancel them and even send reminders to patients regarding their scheduled appointment. In this manner, the doctors get a clear picture of their upcoming schedule and help them to perform even better.

Also, Clinicsoft is capable of storing the patient’s details and easy retrieval of the same in just a few clicks. This ensures easy reference of previous visits, details and medical advice offered and thus helps the doctors to treat the patients in a more insightful manner.

Enhanced Virtual Presence of the Doctor

Doctors are extremely busy professionals but they too, need exposure in order to expand their scope of services and treat as many patients as possible. Yes, with most of the search done through the internet, it makes sense to have an online presence. This is possible through Clinicspots.

Upon the assent and information available about the doctor, an updated and extensive profile of the doctor is prepared and made available virtually on ClinicSpots website. This implies the on conducting a suitable search either specialty wise or name of the doctor wise, the doctor’s profile will be highlighted in the search results.

The visitors or the patients can through the details and decide to approach them. Also, we publish patient reviews, testimonials and experiences relating to the doctor, this goes a long way in helping the patient take a decision regarding which doctor should treat them.

Though ClinicSpots is still evolving and growing, it is trying its level best to fill the gap between the patient and doctors with knowledge, awareness, and care. Over the years, ClinicSpots stands tall in its vision to make the best healthcare services available to all the patients and even to those who are even beyond their reach through this platform.
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