CARE Physiotherapy Clinic in Jhansi

CARE Physiotherapy Clinic is India’s Top Physiotherapy Clinic in Jhansi. Our expert Physiotherapists are specialised to manage therapy for Orthopedic, Neurological and Sports injury and other related conditions.

Services We Offer.

  1. Home Care Physiotherapy
  2. Sports Physiotherapy
  3. Cardiac Rehabilitation
  4. Neuro Physiotherapy
  5. Pediatric Physiotherapy
  6. Orthopaedic Physiotherapy
  7. Geriatric Physiotherapy
  8. Rehabilitation

Therapies We Offer.

  1. Manual Therapy
  2. Interferential Therapy
  3. Ultrasound Therapy
  4. TENS Therapy
  5. LASER Therapy
  6. Wax Therapy
  7. Myofascial Release
  8. Chest Physiotherapy
  9. Cupping Therapy
  10. Soft Tissue Mobilization
  11. Traction Therapy
  12. Pelvic floor Physiotherapy
  13. Shockwave Therapy
  14. Post-COVID Physiotherapy
  15. Kinesio Tapping
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