Most people live with discomfort because they're afraid of the unknown. They would much rather suffer from the devil they know than venture into uncharted territory.

What most people fail to understand is that one of the most beautiful things in life is the uncertainty that each day brings.

Today, it's time to be courageous and wear your heart on your sleeve. The more that you can acknowledge your shortcomings, the greater your foundation for achieving your full potential and living a more fulfilling life.

20 Сrucial Truths That We Know But Do Not Admit

Here are brutal 20 truths that no one wants to admit about themselves:

1. You chase success because without money or degrees your deep-seated fear of being a failure is confirmed.

Who would you be without your accomplishments?

2. You care more about what other people think than about what you think--and it's destroying your confidence.

When your focus is external, you lose internal strength.

3. You desperately want approval from others and you're willing to sacrifice aspects of your true self to receive it.

Life is a series of games--make sure you find the one that's worth playing.

4. You're petrified of the sense of emptiness inside yourself, so you fill your life with distractions to keep yourself occupied.

Watching TV, online shopping, and perusing social media can all be used as convenient escapes that prevent you from engaging in deep self-reflection.

5. You blame other people for your problems so that you can feel better about your own shortcomings.

Displacement and projection help you decrease self-accountability.

6. You get angry at aspects and traits of others that you identify with.

Next time you get really angry at someone, contemplate what makes you angry, and then think about how you yourself may have done something similar in the past.

7. You avoid dealing with your emotional issues despite knowing that they cause problems for everyone.

It's time to start taking your emotional well-being seriously.

8. You're terrified of being seen for who you really are so you wear a masquerade that helps you feel more accepted.

Showing others what they want to see isn't authenticity, it's fear or manipulation.

9. You enhance your image on social media to mask your feelings of inadequacy.

Every like, comment, and share is a short-lived ego boost.

10. You pressure yourself to be perfect or care for others because that was the only way you could receive love as a child.

Go to the root, address the issue, and practice healthier ways of being in the world.

11. You chase happiness by purchasing materials because you're convinced that, at your root, you are not enough.

All of your excessive material wealth serves the social ego and protects your wounded inner child.

12. You allow your inner critic to ridicule you because it's the only way you know to create motivation.

Hurtful motivation seems better than no motivation--but it actually lowers your ceiling and harms your well-being.

13. You create problems to solve because it's the only way you know how to be in the world.

An occupied mind is safe from the inner tyranny of expectations and disappointments.

14. You stick with what's known and suffer, instead of trying something new, because you're terrified of uncertainty.

We construct the very prison in which we live.

15. You won't practice the advice you give others because you'd rather fit in than practice what you preach and stand out.

Stop allowing social conformity and peer pressure to weaken your word and destroy your integrity.

16. You don't want to engage in therapy because you'd be forced to admit that you're not OK and everything isn't in your control.

The illusion of control is the life jacket you grip while stranded in the middle of the ocean.

17. You fake smile at others when you don't want to because you know that your feelings aren't important to other people.

When looking the part is more important than acknowledging your feelings, you're nothing more than a social robot--a product of an emotionally bankrupt society.

18. You hate the way your body looks and your emotional pain is directly related to your fear of death.

What starts as an insecurity can be traced straight to the depths of being mortal.

19. You don't engage in deep conversations because you're afraid to admit that you have no idea what you're doing in life.

Weather, sports, stocks, and television shows are great ways to distract us from what really matters.

20. You pretend that you know the "right way" of doing things but you fear that you'll die and discover that you got it all wrong.

Stop pretending and start questioning--be one of the courageous few to acknowledge your shortcomings and then take action to inspire change in yourself and make the world a better place.